Make Way for Splendid Business Opportunities with CWS

The world of franchising is an attractive and successful business model. Various entrepreneurs look for business opportunities to establish their identity with the help of a franchisor.

Get ready to climb the ladder of success by associating with us as a franchisee.


Different Types of Business Opportunities Available to You

There are different types of business opportunities which you can make use of. All of these are great components of earning however they are not a suitable for every individual. Some may be more inclined towards entrepreneurship while some may be more interested in a franchise opportunity.

Job: Individuals that believe they can serve the employer and work under his guidance opt for jobs. Most people today opt for this kind of earning as they believe it is the most stable form of income. However, in times of cost cutting and economic decline job holders are the first to insecurity in terms of income.   

Entrepreneurship: Individuals who are ready to take on the role of a leader for an idea that is profitable are likely to be an entrepreneur. They build their own path and experience a huge risk of loss in case of unsuccess.

E-commerce business: The online industry has gained immense popularity this past decade. There are many individuals that start their e-commerce site and risk the failure of living up to customers’ expectations.

Franchising: We offer franchise business opportunities that are likely to be profitable ventures. Here you would attain our support for lifetime waterproofing services and work on the successful model of our business. You will need to have sufficient working capital to hire salespeople, carry out day to day operations of the business and buy material from our company.


What sets us apart from other franchisors?


Our tried and tested business opportunities make up for a scalable model. As an experienced waterproofing solutions company, we have resolved several issues so as a franchisee you would never face them. Our methods have progressed our business and have a futuristic approach.


Our credibility as the market leader for waterproofing solutions sets us apart from other business owners. You can rely on our timely support and guidance in building your business. We are in search of individuals that can carry forward our customer-centric attitude and reliable after-sales services.

Extensive Marketing & Sales Support:

Sign up for our franchise business opportunities to get our on-going marketing support and sales support. This would help you sell our products easily and efficiently. You would not have to set aside capital for marketing purposes.

We also extend marketing and sales training for your staff. They would learn about identifying the target audience, taking initiatives for marketing products and train in the art of handling customer queries.

Technical Training:

Our exclusive range of products would be available to you as a franchisee. You would get technical training about the usage of our products and learn about skills required for enhancing the performance of our waterproofing solutions.

You would learn different types of waterproofing solutions available to customers. Additionally, we will share an explicit explanation of installation and usage of our unique products.


We ensure that our franchisee attains geographical exclusivity to increase his or her profits for that particular region. This kind of business opportunities would be hard to procure as many owners extend franchise to different people in the same region.

Our mission is to protect your investment and provide quality services to our customer base.


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