Acclaim Success by Associating with CWS

CWS waterproofing systems bring a brilliant opportunity to escalate your business through distributorship opportunities. Our leading company for waterproofing solutions invites you to invest in an established business and make a remarkable name for yourself in the industry.


How Would A Franchise Benefit You?

Have you thought about starting your own business? If this thought has crossed your mind, the cost of starting a business on your own would be the foremost concern. You would have to train people, establish premises, research about the product and pitch for clients. Seems daunting, doesn’t it?

On the other hand, a dealership opportunity gives you the backing of an established brand name. It opens the possibility of success in the initial period as the brand would already have a pre-determined customer base.

As a prerequisite requirement you need to have capital to invest in a franchise business. The capital would help in purchasing stock, maintaining staff and property. It would also attribute to a successful relationship with the franchisor as you would be able to manage the overhead costs without worrying about sourcing funds.

A distributorship business opportunity usually involves clear and concise payment terms which would be defined through an agreement. It’s a legal document that allows you to access products of the franchisor. In addition to this, you can get trained from professional experts about using their products.

Thus, it is a cost-effective way of starting your business on the foundation of a business that has a proven record of success.


Why opt for our distribution license?

As market leaders for lifetime waterproofing solutions, CWS provides you with exceptional benefits which makes you a part of our heritage.

  • It’s an affordable option as compared to a start-up
  • Beat the competition with an established brand
  • Get the support of CWS for technical and marketing application
  • Reach out to an established customer base
  • Get trained by professional experts
  • Exclusive accessibility to our product range


Succeed on Your Own Terms with Our Distribution License

At CWS, we give independence to our distributor for carrying out their business by following certain procedures as defined by us. Other than that, we trust you would carry your operations meeting the needs of the clients at every step of the way.


Quintessential qualities that you must possess as our distribution partner

Dedicated: We expect that you would be dedicated to learning about our methods and procedures and commit to establishing our name in your region.

Trustworthy: Trade secrets are confidential, and we believe that our distributor should safeguard them as we have.

Customer-centric: Enhancement of customer experience has always been our priority and we would want that our distributor should carry forward this legacy of providing positive customer experience to all.


Ready to take the reign of your business by pursuing a distribution opportunity with us? Write to us on for a confidential discussion.

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