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CWS extends the extraordinary opportunity to deliver profits from the beginning of your business. Invest in our franchise for sale and generate revenue from the start of this business opportunity.


We Are Among the Best Franchises or Companies

Our services and products are exclusive and innovative. We provide an end to end waterproofing solution for every client. It does not matter whether the site is above ground, below ground or a water tank, our waterproofing solutions are absolutely foolproof.

We meet the unique requirements of our clients and extend suitable waterproofing solutions. Our exclusive product range and global reputation make us one of the best franchisor companies.

Benefits of CWS franchise opportunity:

As our franchisee, you will have the advantage to learn about various things and associate with our global brand.

Here is a list of advantages you can expect when you invest in our franchise for sale:

  • Our franchise company is the only company that provides unique solutions of waterproofing for a lifetime. You would be able to take advantage of our franchise for sale and be the market leader in your region.
  • You can beat the competition in your region by making use of our unique products. Gain exclusivity of our product extension to your geographical region.
  • We will train you in the art of providing quality solutions for different issues such as leakage, cracked concrete, high water tables or sealing of joints.
  • Our products are environment- friendly as well as economical.
  • As part of our franchise, you would get immense support in marketing and sales.
  • You will be a part of a global brand and get the opportunity to build a profitable business.

We extend innovative products, training for quality performance and enhance your customer service technique to make your business successful.


Grab the Opportunity of Our Franchise for Sale

We are among the best franchise companies in the world because of our customer-centric attitude and willingness to adapt and keep up with technology.

As part of our franchise companies, there are certain criteria that you must be willing to meet such as:

  • You should be able to commit to the business for a long period of time.
  • You should have a zealous attitude and willingness to learn about our exclusive range of products and systems.
  • You should prioritize your work and extend customer support at all times. A satisfied customer is a driving force for higher sales. Thus, we need to ensure their needs are being met completely with our waterproofing solutions.

Let’s Build Success Together!

To be our franchisee, check if you meet the following criteria:

  • Our motto for business involves integrity and commitment. If you are looking to build and succeed in a profitable business model, then you should opt for our franchise business.
  • Working capital is extremely essential to build a successful business together. You will need funds to cover overhead costs, employ staff, and purchase stock.
  • Prior experience in construction business would be a good advantage but it is not mandatory. The knowledge of running a business is sufficient for profitability.
  • Our global brand extends training in waterproofing extensively. Gain superior knowledge of our products and services.

As our franchisee, you will enjoy the support of our leading brand of waterproofing in all spheres.

Our business will help you succeed by extending knowledge, training, tools, products and marketing support. Take advantage of our franchise for sale and build your business economically.


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Your success is our success.