Franchise-Your Door to New Business Opportunities!

Starting out on your own can seem daunting. The initial step is coming up with a possible idea that has great scalability and returns.

Other steps involve defining a marketing strategy, hiring employees, raising capital and facing the uncertainty of success.

Well, if this isn’t how you plan to start your business, you can take up our franchise and run it on our successful business model. Finding business opportunities that can absolve the problem of starting out on your own? Take advantage of our franchise business model.


Definition of Franchise Business

If you are looking for new business opportunities, then investing in our franchise business would be an ideal option.

What is a franchise business?

You get the name and backing of an established firm with a franchise business. You can get the advantage of using our name, logo, business model and products. You can carry out operations in a different region exclusively as our franchisee.

Your hunt for finding business opportunities ends at CWS. Invest in our new business opportunities of the franchise and get remarkable returns in the long-term.


Process of Applying for Our Franchise Business

Here is a list of steps that you would need to follow to build your franchise business with us:

  1. Franchise fee: You need to pay the initial fee to buy the rights of our business. This would include charges of training, adapting our business model, and marketing techniques.
  2. Access to trademarks: After paying the franchise fee, you would have access to our trademarks, logo, brand name and slogans.
  3. Contract: A detailed contract would be signed by both you and the firm stating the tenure of the agreement, renewal details, and all terms and conditions of our franchise business.
  4. Support of global marketing: We have built a brand name in lifetime waterproofing solutions globally. Thus, you will get the support of our global marketing efforts which will minimize the expenditure of marketing locally.
  5. Training of business procedures: We will share our business strategies and plans to grow your business. Our successful marketing and sales strategy would definitely help you grow your business.
  6. Technical knowledge of products: Though it is preferred that you have knowledge about construction business, it is not mandatory. We can help you learn the ropes of installing our products, using it the right way and providing great customer support.


Your Small Investment Could Reap Big Rewards!

Franchise business is growing at a rapid pace. In the USA alone, as of 2018, there are 7,598,236 establishments operating as franchise businesses.

The steady and profitable business model of franchise business makes this a preferred mode of conducting businesses around the world.

Our global business of lifetime waterproofing is not only profitable but also unique. Therefore, it would be easy to establish premises with the promise of customer-centric attitude.


Let’s get in touch to discuss in detail about our franchise business. Please email us at for a confidential discussion.