Build Capital with Our Small Business Franchise

Every business around the world wants to expand. With your help as our small business franchise, we can expand our business together.

We will help you gain the right amount of exposure to ensure stability and profitability. We will extend training services in the art of conducting technical waterproofing solutions.


Smart Solutions for Small Business Franchise

As an owner, you may lack the funds to run a business on your own. We can help you get a foothold in the business by extending small business opportunities franchise to you.

Take advantage of our small business opportunities franchise. Gain excellent command over the business as we train and develop you in the art of waterproofing solutions.

Here are key smart solutions we provide our franchise partner:

Unique and Quality Products:

The most important feature that qualifies as a factor for profitability is a product. We extend our unique blend of innovative and smart products to our small business franchise partners. The quality of our products is superfluous and unique from the rest of waterproofing companies.

Affordable Investment:

Business owners with limited budget can opt for our franchise. We extend affordable franchise opportunities that would help you save cost. We also give training and marketing support to you and your employees. Thus, saving a tremendous amount of effort and money for your business.


As franchisors, we dedicate our services to commit entirely to the success of your growth. We believe that your success is our success. Thus, we are committed to providing every type of training and support to help you grow in your business.

Geographic Exclusivity:

We ensure that our products and services are exclusively available to you in your region. This will give you a stronghold in lifetime waterproofing solutions in a particular region. You would be above the competition and succeed on the terms of an established business model.


Assured Growth and Stability for Our Small Business Franchise Partner

The key to succeeding in a business does not depend only on huge capital investment. You should have a clear and concise idea about how to operate the business.

Our knowledge combined with your expertise in running a business can give you assured return on investment. There are terms that would help you prosper as our franchise partner such as:

  • You must possess the ability to manage funds and resources. Working capital is essential to running an enterprise. However, you must be proficient in delegating funds to the right resource at the right time.
  • You need to be ready to tackle issues that may come your way. You also need to possess a keen sense of learning about every system and process carried out at CWS.
  • You should put your focus on serving the customer. They are the reason you earn, therefore, ensuring that customers are completely satisfied with your services and products is integral.
  • You need to commit to the business and take responsibility for your actions.



We are here to support you in your endeavor and help you gain success. Contact us for a confidential discussion at