In need of a leak-free solution for your project?

We offer waterproof concrete... For life!

Why concrete waterproofing systems?

We don't just have products. We have solutions!

Here at Concrete Waterproofing Systems (CWS) we are committed to delivering a leak-free solution for your project that will last for the life of the structure. This amounts to more than just waterproofing a concrete slab.

Many projects require a combination of products. At CWS we use a co-ordinated approach to achieve a leak-free project.

Our exclusive range of products allow us to address all the waterproofing issues that may be present such as sealing of joints, cracked or poorly vibrated concrete, high water tables, specific design considerations etc.

CWS is about delivering a complete waterproofing system. One that not only provides lifetime waterproofing but does it economically and is so friendly to the environment that it generates LEED points for suitable projects.

What we do

Above ground

From rooftops and podiums to on-ground slabs, our unique products and system approach protects against thermal stress, leakage and corrosion.

Below ground

No matter how difficult the site our below ground waterproofing uses a multi-pronged approach to achieve a watertight result every time.

Water tank

We offer lifetime waterproofing on tanks ranging from drinking water to industrial wastewater.


No matter your requirements, CWS will analysis your specific project and find products to meet your needs and budget.

What makes us different?

We believe in a few simple philosophies...


Our complete waterproofing system


Waterproofing should last for the life of the structure


A leak-free project (every time)


Environmentally friendly

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