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concrete waterproofing systems

Worldwide supplier of next-generation waterproofing products

Concrete Waterproofing Systems (CWS) is an international manufacturer and supplier of “state of the art” waterproofing products, who is committed to helping clients around the world, achieve leak-free projects.

CWS products waterproof concrete for critical commercial and residential constructions for the design life of the structure. Likewise, they provide lifetime protection against concrete corrosion and degradation for major infrastructure projects such as wharfs, tunnels and bridges.

The fact that CWS products have been used and recommended by Consultants, Contractors and Developers in Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the Americas, is testimony to our concrete waterproofing technology.

Life-time waterproofing, super-fast application and environmental safety protect our environment, drastically speed up your project construction time and reduce your total product cost.

What we do

Above ground

From rooftops and podiums to on-ground slabs, our unique products and system approach protects against thermal stress, leakage and corrosion.

Below ground

No matter how difficult the site, our crystalline waterproofing uses a multi-modal approach to achieve a watertight result every time.

Water tankS

We offer lifetime waterproofing on tanks ranging from drinking water to industrial wastewater.


CWS products prevent water reaching the steel reinforcement, thus preventing concrete degradation and prolonging the life of the structure.