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Borromeo Arcade, Cebu City Philippines

Commercial projects, such as the Borromeo Arcade, cannot afford to suspend their activity, in order to perform large scale repairs, such as re-installation of waterproofing. CWS waterproofing technology ensures lifetime protection against leaks and moisture ingress, without the need of re-application or maintenance of the waterproofing solution.

Residential building, Guadelupe Philippines

The beautiful residence was suffering leaks, after traditional waterproofing membranes – unavoidably – failed. The open terrace, together with stairs and canopies were treated with CWS waterproofing and protection technology. No maintenace or future re-application will ever be needed, protecting the owner’s investment and ensuring problem-free waterproofing for the life of the structure.

Port of Limay, Philippines

The Port of Limay serves the municipality of Limay and its surrounding area as a tanker and cargo port. The Philippines Port Authority were looking for a waterproofing material that can withstand the exposure to the intensely aggressive seaside saline environment. CWS100 offers lifetime protection against soluble chlorides, that are responsible for corrosion of steel …

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Public School, Lambak – Brunei

The new school in Lambak, Brunei, required a long-term solution for safely waterproofing the students’ toilet areas. CWS100 was chosen for: Super-fast application, ensuring the project finishes at the shortest time possible Life-long, problem-free waterproofing, with no need for future re-application. Increasing by 80% the bond with other cementitious materials and glues, allowing subsequent treatments, …

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Ice Factory, in Muara – Brunei

The Ice Factory rooftop needed re-waterproofing, after failure of previous solutions. CWS100 was chosen for: Life-long, problem-free waterproofing, with no need for future re-application. Concrete hardening up to Grade 9 of Moh’s scale, therefore cancelling the need for protective screed

One Tower, Balneario Camboriu, Brazil

At 290m of height and 77 floors, Tower One is the tallest building in Balneário Camboriú and one of the 10 tallest buildings in Brazil. CWS100 was chosen for three reasons. Excellent reputation of long-term performance in the country. Super-fast application, allowing the project to start earliest operation No need for future re-application.  4.5/5

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