Our solutions and state of the art products will give you peace of mind from a project that is not going to leak.

Just see a few of the numerous benefits when compared to traditional membranes:


CWS products offer real benefits to Developers, Consultants and Main Contractors alike. So what is your role in a project? Click below and see what’s in it for you.

  • Once only application that waterproofs for 100 years +
  • Super-fast application speeds construction and saves money. The project starts operating earlier.
  • No leakage = happy tenants. No loss of rent and liability claims
  • No future maintenance costs. Lower total cost of ownership.
  • No expensive re-application in the future. Higher selling price.
  • Very cost effective
  • Environmentally friendly – earn LEED points
  • Proven technology
  • Design flexibility
  • Saves money, keeping the project on budget
  • Earn LEED points
  • Allows omission of screed
  • Waterproofs for life of the structure
  • Simple, fast application
  • Worldwide technical support
  • Speeds project times
  • Our products are VERY Contractor-friendly
  • Very cost-efficient
  • Trafficable six hours after application
  • Podium can immediately be used as a work area
  • Cannot be damaged by other trades
  • No screeds required, saving time and money
  • No tracking of water under a punctured membrane with difficult fault-finding
  • No de-bonding issues to rectify as occurs with many membranes
  • Super-fast application speeds construction and avoids liquidated damages claims, saving money.
  • Needs minimal labour, especially in regions facing workforce shortage.


Is the lack of adequate workforce slowing your sites and affecting your cash flow?

CWS can help!

CWS products are extremely contractor-friendly as they:

  • Require minimal on-site labour and
  • Have super-fast application
CWS100 vs. membranes – application

CWS100: 6000m² per day – no screed needed
Membranes & Screed: 100m² of membrane & 50m² of screed per day

Example: 10,000m² site
CWS100:                          5 man days
Membrane & screed: 300 man days

CWS Admix

CWS Admix is added at the batch plant and may require no on-site labour whatsoever.

CWS speeds up your projects and speeds up your cash flow!

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