CWS Admix

Crystalline waterproofing for below ground and water tanks.

CWS ADMIX is a crystalline admixture that is added to new concrete during batching to waterproof and protect concrete for the life of the structure.

CWS ADMIX forms crystals within the pores and capillaries in the concrete, effectively blocking the passage of water. It also seals cracks in the concrete up to 0.4mm (1/64″) and will seal future hairline cracks in the presence of moisture.

How CWS ADMIX works

CWS ADMIX reacts in the concrete to create a continuous barrier of millions of insoluble crystals in the capillaries of the concrete. This blocks the passage of water through the pores and capillaries of the concrete, but permits the transmission of air and water vapor, thus allowing the structure to breathe.

The rate of crystalline development varies with the variations in the mix design and curing regime of the concrete. Although full waterproofing properties are normally achieved 7-10 days from placement, CWS ADMIX achieves even further performance improvements over subsequent weeks.

After the initial crystallization process has successfully waterproofed the structure, the active chemicals within CWS ADMIX remain dormant in the concrete. Any future contact with water will reactivate the crystals to provide lifetime waterproofing of the concrete. Through a process of osmosis, the crystals actually grow towards water, making CWS ADMIX equally effective against both negative and positive water.



Concrete Protection

CWS ADMIX is not only perfect for waterproofing, it is perfect for concrete protection on applications such as marine structures, sewage plants etc., By sealing the cracks in the concrete, CWS ADMIX will prevent the ingress of chloride and harmful chemicals which attack the reinforcement and cause degradation of the concrete.

Super-Fast Application

Because CWS ADMIX is added to the concrete during batching, construction schedules are not affected by delays waiting for the placement of waterproofing membranes. Additionally, there is no requirement to defer backfilling to wait for a membrane to be applied to external walls.

A Leak-Free Project

CWS ADMIX is applied only by fully trained Approved Applicators who are experts in the application of the product. Concrete Waterproofing Systems provide full training and annual re-approval to all Approved Applicators worldwide to ensure continuing strict quality control.

Hydrostatic Pressure

CWS ADMIX is suitable for use in areas of high hydrostatic pressure and meets EN Standard EN 12390/8 which confirms product performance with 5 bars of pressure. Refer to CWS for details.

We are not just offering you a product, we are giving you a result: a LEAK FREE PROJECT.

CWS Admix Typical Applications

The CWS ADMIX features crystalline waterproofing for below ground and water tank applications including:

  • Basements
  • Below ground parking structures
  • Elevator pits & foundations
  • Sewage & water treatment works
  • Canals
  • Reservoirs
  • Swimming pools
  • Tunnels
  • Core filled blockwork
  • Foundation walls
  • Slabs
  • Footings
  • Concrete pipes
  • Pre-cast
  • Rooftops and podiums, where appropriate
  • Water tanks

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