CWS B15 is a one-component water based, bituminous emulsion that provides protection and waterproofing to concrete foundation structures and basement retaining walls. B15 is manufactured to consistent thickness and has ample elongation.

CWS B15 is of particular benefit when used as part of a system approach to basement waterproofing.  In some countries, high water tables and poor concrete present unique challenges, especially if the concrete has not been well vibrated and has a large number of voids (i.e. severe honeycombing).  If severe enough, this can prevent challenges for stand-alone products that may not adequately do the job.

In such circumstances, the system approach adopted by CWS can provide the solution: the use of CWS ADMIX in the concrete mix followed by CWS B15 applied to the outer-side of the basement walls.  Some time later, protection boards are installed to prevent mechanical damage to the coating.  Thus in areas of poor concrete, the SYSTEM APPROACH provides the solution that a stand-alone product may not and enables us to deliver a leak-free project.

So CWS assesses each case on its merits: if the conditions and concrete are fine, then the very quick and straightforward application of CWS ADMIX will provide permanent waterproofing capability – if conditions demand it, a system approach will deliver a combination of CWS ADMIX and CWS B15 to ensure a watertight result.



See datasheet for details of application and technical considerations.

CWS B15 Typical Applications

Because of its bituminous emulsion the CWS B15 lends itself well to waterproofing:

  • Concrete foundations
  • Basement retaining walls and gutters
  • Pile caps
  • Ground beams
  • Lift pits and sumps

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