A specially formulated water-based liquid rubber membrane containing an integral synthetic micro-reinforcement.

CWS LR15 has been specifically designed to eliminate blistering and wrinkling which may occur in exposed or ponded situations. It has added application advantage as it does not require the use or polypropylene, polyester or chopped strand glass fibre reinforcing fabric and it also provides a fully bonded homogenous membrane barrier with no laps, joints or over-flashing. The CWS LR15 membrane system complies with ASTM and BS ‘Waterproofing of wet areas, R.C Roofs, Water Retaining Structures in Buildings’.

CWS LR15 provides an excellent wet-area membrane barrier under tiles or other rigid surfacing to shower trays, bathroom floors and walls, laundries, kitchens or patios. Most premium quality water resistant grade ceramic tile adhesives, suitable for application to an impermeable surface, will be compatible with CWS LR15.



See datasheet for details of application and technical considerations.

CWS LR15 Typical Applications

Thanks to a specially formulated water-based liquid rubber membrane the CWS LR15 is perfect for:

  • Exposed roofing
  • Substructures
  • Balconies
  • Podium decks
  • Planter boxes
  • Ponds
  • Box gutters
  • Plant room floors
  • Sill flashings
  • Retaining walls

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