CWS100 is a complex blend of modified silicates and reactive ingredients which is sprayed onto cured concrete. It forms a barrier inside the concrete which waterproofs and protects the concrete for the life of the structure.

CWS100 reacts with calcium to form an insoluble  gel that seals cracks in the concrete up to 2.2mm (0.087″) and when used with concrete mixes that do not contain fly ash it will remain reactive in the concrete to seal future hairline cracks in the presence of water.

Unlike waterproofing membranes which typically last for 10-20 years before requiring a disruptive and expensive replacement, CWS100 is ONCE ONLY WATERPROOFING that will continue to waterproof for the entire life of the project.


CWS100 is not only perfect for waterproofing, it is perfect for concrete protection on applications such as car-parks, wharfs, bridges, marine structures etc., by sealing the cracks in the concrete, CWS100 will prevent the ingress of chloride and harmful chemicals which attack the reinforcement and cause degradation of the concrete. CWS100 seals the cracks and also hardens the concrete to the same level as granite, thus protecting the concrete for the long term.


CWS100 is suitable for use on properly vibrated structural concrete with a minimum of 20mpa. Its super-fast application can be applied by one person with a with a backpack sprayer can. Typically, 1000m2 can be applied per day and with a motorised pump you can apply around 6000m2 per day. Compare this to a membrane where one person can typically apply 100m2 per day.

CWS100 is suitable for use on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.


CWS100 is applied only by fully trained Approved Applicators who are experts in the application of the product. Concrete Waterproofing Systems provide full training and annual re-approval to all Approved Applicators worldwide to ensure continuing strict quality control.

We are not just offering you a product, we are giving you a result: a LEAK FREE PROJECT.



See datasheet for details of application and technical considerations.

CWS100 Typical Applications

Because of its ability to withstand thermal stress and its super-fast application CWS100 is particularly suitable for areas such as:

  • Podium decks
  • Rooftops
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Apartments
  • Bridge decks
  • Landscaped areas
  • Water and treatment tanks
  • Wharfs and Marine structures
  • Sporting stadiums
  • Cut and cover tunnels
  • Facades and monuments
  • Pre-cast panels
  • Shopping centre rooftops
  • Car parks

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