At Concrete Waterproofing Systems we are passionate about delivering a complete waterproofing system. Whatever your project or budget we have a comprehensive range of products to provide a complete watertight solution for your site, whether it be, above ground, below ground or a water tank. If you are working on a project with unique requirements, our range of other products will help provide you with a complete solution.

Above Ground

From the rooftop of a carpark, to a multi-storey high-rise, a shopping centre, podium deck or a landscaped area, above ground waterproofing has challenges of thermal stress, ultra-violet and heat ageing just to name a few. Additionally, planter boxes have challenges of their own. Once these areas are covered with landscaping or tiling, when traditional forms of waterproofing reach the end of their lifespan, replacement is an extremely expensive option.

Traditional solutions are often fine in theory, but practical on-site issues such as the climate affecting the dampness of the concrete and humidity playing havoc with bonding means they often don’t perform to the original expectation. CWS products can provide solutions designed to overcome these hurdles and produce a leak-free result.

Below Ground

Below ground waterproofing faces challenges for different reasons. Sometimes lack of proper drainage, high water tables and hydrostatic pressure cause a variety of problems. Construction schedules often mean that shortcuts are taken, affecting the end result. The need to protect from the outer side can mean that the entire building envelope is reduced, effectively reducing the Developer’s return on his investment. Because CWS has a system approach, we offer solutions to these problems. On difficult sites this might mean taking a multi-pronged approach to achieve the desired outcome of an entirely waterproof site.

Water Tanks

Because traditional membranes inherently do not like ponding water, waterproofing water tanks successfully can often be a challenge. Tanks for industrial wastage, sewage etc require products that have resistance to a range of chemicals. At the other extreme, drinking water tanks and aquariums require non-toxicity and suitability to potable water. Sometimes there is only access from the negative side.CWS analyses our clients’ needs and can offer suitable solutions to all these challenges. Ask us for details of your specific projects.

Other Products

The “CWS SYSTEM” means we have a co-ordinated approach to waterproofing with appropriate products to waterproof all areas of a building, making life simpler for Specifiers and Contractors alike.

Many projects require a lot more than just waterproofing a slab. It can require sealing of expansion joints, construction joints and penetrations. Sometimes site conditions or the quality of concrete require the use of more than one product on its own. It also means using appropriate products for appropriate areas – both technically and cost effectively.

At CWS, we are not just selling products. We are looking at each project according to its individual circumstances and aiming to provide our clients with the right solution for  their particular project.