What Our Clients Say

Martin Fortes, Philippines

"Becoming a distributor for Concrete Waterproofing Systems has been a brilliant business opportunity. They helped me grow my business and product range immensely. The concrete waterproofing products they offer cannot be compared to anything we have in the market!
CWS takes a project from start to finish and I can always count on them for support. We could not have done it without their expert knowledge and dedication. I will continue to recommend their products for projects I undertake. I trust their recommendations and their product results are unparalleled.
The best part was that I could completely trust their team to represent my company professionally when I needed training or consultation services.
My only regret is not becoming a distributor sooner!"

Steven Wilken, South Africa

" Concrete Waterproofing Systems is an Australian owned concrete waterproofing company.

I have not dealt with a company who deserves more praise for their distributor policies and practices. There have not been any cases of going direct or signing other distributors who would sell in my area. No account programs which left me out; rather only personal interaction that included and encouraged me to be part of the team. I developed a great partnership with CWS and their dedication to my company is evident in the technical support I have received from them. No matter where my projects take me, CWS is always responsive to any questions as they offer Worldwide Technical Support.

Again, thank you for you “partnership like” support!

Luiz Marcos, Brazil

"After doing intensive research on distributorship opportunities in the waterproofing sector, I was fortunate to come across Concrete Waterproofing Systems, Australia. From day one it has been an absolute pleasure distributing their waterproofing products. What I find most impressive is that they go through the trouble of coming to you to provide product and application training. Concrete Waterproofing Systems follows a System Approach to waterproofing any project. I was particularly impressed with their product, CWS100™. It not only puts my company ahead of the curve, it saves me a huge amount of time because of its easy and super-fast application method. I can happily recommend their products to architects, developers and clients! "


"Hi there, Hope you are doing great with your business. As a part of establishing a brand name for CWS Admix in our country, we have done lot of testings with CWS Admix - both as a concentrate and as a Ready Made slurry - in the last few months, and lot of site engineers are very much satisfied with the product. In one of the basements we have tested, CWS Admix Ready Made was the only product which was able to stop the water coming through the walls. Unfortunately sites are delayed due to the current conditions and heavy flood situation in our country as well. But we will be ordering our next lot of CWS Admix very soon"

Ringo Mabitad, Philippines

"CWS100 is great waterproofing! What we have observed in our projects, is that it really seals cracks! "

Khiam Sarwar, Pakistan

"A great cooperation and working relationship with the CWS team, since we became an Authorized Distributor. From initial induction, to training, to full cooperation deployment, all happened in a way that fostered trust and mutuality. The technology is great and projects around the world are a testimony to the high level of concrete waterproofing and protection that is achieved. Our first projects are already happening and we are proud of the outcome we anticipate and the support we are getting from CWS to this direction. "

Tan Peng How, Malaysia

"The degree of cooperation of our team with the team of CWS is hard to describe as it is rarely achieved between companies. Open channels of communication at all times of the day - and with all possible means of communication - common presentations to clients, super-fast solid technical support and great service on commercial matters, help us grow our business, win the satifaction of our clients and expands our reputation in Malaysia. A very exclusive, privileged and successful business relationship. "

Udom, Cambodia

"Since the beginning of our cooperation with CWS, we enjoy a very high level of technical and marketing support, which is not usual for remote cooperating teams. The technology is great, the application is super-fast and very straightforward and, coupled with our long expertise, we have successfully waterproofed several demanding projects, to the absolute satisfaction of our clients, beating all deadlines and project schedules repeatedly. "

S. Soininen, Finland.

"A cutting edge concrete waterproofing and protection technology, for our demanding climate conditions. A robust technical support team, readily available to provide reliable technical advice and guidance on complex issues. A strong customer service department, fulfilling the company's commitment to timely deliver of quality product. An exclusive distribution agreement, protecting our company reputation and presence in our country. We are happy to be a part of the CWS International Distribution network. International teamwork at its very best! "

A. Hazimeh, Lebanon

"We applied CWS100 on a small slab (12 SQM). The slab was deteriorated with a compressive strength not more than 12MPa. I even doubt they used aggregates in this slab. It was before like a sponge, just when it rains water starts leaking in all the slab area. The result was outstanding not a single water leakage occurred after 72 hours water ponding. This was just a sampling test so we can be confident about the product."