CNH Industrial, Curitiba, Brazil

Concrete protection and functionality for heavy duty professional use

Curitiba in New Holland, Brazil, is an agricultural vehicles industrial plant, that keeps the agriculture industry of Brazil growing. They manufacture everything, from tractors, to trucks and buses and from powertrain solutions to marine vessels. A constant movement of heavy machinery demands an equally robust flooring solution, to withstand the extra loads and traffic. This challenge calls for a very durable product.

CWS100® was applied on the industrial concrete floor, to waterproof and protect at the same time. At the same time as effectively waterproofing concrete, CWS100® provides hardening of the concrete to Grade 9 of Mohs scale (Corundum level), while granite comes in at 6-7 only. Neither – load induced – degradation of flooring, or expensive re-application are expected in the years to come. Ideal for areas of concrete such as wharfs, carparks, bridges and industrial floors, exposed to abrasion from rolling loads (cranes, forklifts, trucks, cars and industrial vehicles)

A professional heavy-duty waterproofing solution for the required specifications. For life!

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