CWS helps overcome Covid-imposed manpower restrictions on construction sites and protects deadlines and cash-flow for contractors and developers

Are manpower restrictions slowing your sites and affecting your cash flow?

CWS can help!

CWS products are extremely construction-site centric and contractor-friendly as they:

  • Require minimal on-site labour and
  • Have super-fast application
CWS100 vs. membranes – application

CWS100: 6000m² per day – no screed needed
Membranes & Screed: 100m² of membrane & 50m² of screed per day

Example: 10,000m² site
CWS100:                          5 man days
Membrane & screed: 300 man days

CWS Admix

CWS Admix is added at the batch plant and may require no on-site labour whatsoever.

CWS technology dramatically speeds up your projects and speeds up your cash flow!