Edificio Bali III, Altos, Paraguay

Located in front of Crystal Lagoon and overlooking the Altos mountains, Bali III resort offers all the comforts for a luxurious weekend escape, within the AquaVillage Condominium.

Propaco, the renowned applicator of high-quality turnkey solutions, needed a concrete waterproofing product, that can ensure lifelong waterproofing. CWS Admix™ increases the workability of the concrete, without affecting its compressive strength. Complying fully to the EN 12390-8 international standard, CWS Admix™ essentially doubles the service life of the construction, protecting the reinforcement from corrosion and saline/sulfate penetration

A waterproofing product of choice for “connoisseur” contractors, CWS Admix™ offers extreme time saving application, as it is added to the concrete during the pour, ensuring instant waterproof concrete. For life!

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