Eton – Centris Five Cyberpod, Quezon City, Philippines

Slip – resistance and other perks, up our sleeve

Eton Properties is an empowered organization, with a culture anchored on integrity and characterized by passion for excellence – a perfect reason why they chose CWS; to safeguard their legacy of integrity and passion for excellence.

CWS100® is highly recommended for carparks, as it not only waterproofs, but ensures no loss of slip resistance. Also, because the product increases concrete hardness to granite level, it is ideal to withstand the heavy loads of cars, trucks, buses and other vehicles.

Showcasing our commitment to excellence, one of the many commendable benefits of CWS100® is that it prevents oil and other similar compounds from penetrating into the concrete, making upkeep much simpler. Even graffiti, sprayed on wall facades, has proven much easier to clean on surfaces treated with CWS100®. A pleasant extra side-effect of lifelong protection by CWS.

Cyberpod Five during construction

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