Festval, Curitiba, Brazil

Because Retail must never stop

Festval is a leading retailer, with more than 12 hypermarkets in Curitiba and Pinhais, in Brazil. Care for the customer, an eye for quality and a view to the future, are driving Festval to achieve continued growth.

Festval were frustrated with recurring leaks in the building. Netherland Engenharia, the CWS Distributor in Brazil, effectively solved their problem with CWS Admix™, applying it onto the leaking areas, in the form of a slurry. Membranes have a service life, at the end of which, costly repairs have to take place. Business activity is usually affected, until the conclusion of the repairs. Unlike membranes, CWS Admix™ does not delaminate, deteriorate, puncture or get damaged, thus waterproofing the building for life.

Retail will continue uninterrupted in Festval. CWS is keeping guard.

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