Grand Batam Mall, Batam, Indonesia

Waterproofing a tribute to urban living

Grand Batam Mall was designed by PHL Architects, one of the leading architectural consultants of Jakarta, specializing in sustainability design, commercial high rise buildings, hotels, offices and cultural buildings, including urban design.

An architectural and civil-engineering masterpiece, Grand Batam Mall consists of a 3-story mall, a 23-story office tower, 6-story hotel and a whopping 30-story apartment tower. With a gross floor area of 275,000m2, this enormous project radiates passion for design, extreme creativity and appreciation of urban living.

CWS100® and CWSAdmix™ were chosen for this project, to address the issue of challenges like thermal stress, ultra-violet radiation and dampness of concrete, all detrimental factors to traditional forms of waterproofing, like membranes etc. CWS products provide solutions designed to overcome these hurdles and produce a lifelong leak-free result.

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