PCH Fazenda Velha Hydroelectric plant, Brazil

Bulletproof concrete waterproofing for heavy-duty infrastructure

Dams and hydroelectric plants are very demanding infrastructure projects. The prevalent requirement on concrete constructions is to handle immense water quantities and withstand high hydrostatic pressure. Both positive and negative. For as many years as possible. Without leaking, without corrosion to the rebar. Not a small feat, is it?

CWSAdmix™ is a sophisticated crystalline waterproofing product, equally effective against negative and positive water pressure. It stops water from entering the concrete capillaries and effectively arrests chloride and sulfate diffusion through the matrix, thus protecting the reinforcement from corrosion. At the same time, it allows concrete to breathe, with air and water in vapor – but not liquid – form being able to pass through. It also reduces chloride ion diffusion, which prevents corrosion and protects the reinforcement rebars. As such, it was the perfect fit for the Hydroelectrical Plant in Brazil.

CWSAdmix™ remains active throughout the concrete mass and provides instant, self-healing waterproofing protection, for the concrete. Years after application, it will reactivate upon new moisture entering the concrete and seal the cracks, blocking the passage of water. Waterproof concrete. For life.

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