La Rossa Sampaguita, Manila, Philippines

Waterproofing in conditions of thermal stress. The weak point of crystalline waterproofing

It is known that all crystalline waterproofing products fail when applied in areas of high thermal stress, such as rooftops, balconies, wharfs, podium decks etc. This is the reason why they need a heat protection layer and then a protecting screed on top of the two layers.

Primehomes had to be certain that there would be no leakage of water from the rooftop or balconies of La Rossa Sampaguita, the prestigious residential development they were creating in Manila, Philippines. CWS100® is proven to effectively seal cracks in the concrete, up to 2.2mm, forming an impenetrable gel, a genuine waterproof barrier, inside the concrete, which seals the capillaries of the matrix and protects the concrete for the life of the structure.

CWS100® was the obvious choice for this project, as it takes only one single application to install, cannot delaminate, be torn or punctured by other trades and is UV resistant – since it is IN the concrete and not ON the concrete – lasts a lifetime and never needs expensive maintenance, or continuous replacement, as is the case with membranes. Zero failure, zero tenant complaints, zero claims.

This is the reason why CWS100® is a winner, for both project developers and contractors.

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