Mall 23 Paskal, Bandung, Indonesia

When the simple choice of a building material can speed up a project

Located in the heart of the city, a center for business, creativity and education. This iconic landmark features 40,000m2 of gorgeously designed modern retail space, filled with international and local brands, under the “Family & Community Hub” concept, as evidenced by the four lobby mall areas: Hejo, Cai, Langit, and Ruhai.

CWS100® was the waterproofing product of choice, as it holds benefits for contractors and consultants alike.

  • Contractor – does not require a screed, waterproofing cannot be damaged by other trades on site and is trafficable in only six hours after application, speeds project times considerably, enhances the contractor’s reputation in the market.
  • Consultant – proven technology with design flexibility, making the project very economical, doubling the service life of the building.

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