Marvell City, Surabaya, Indonesia

Slashing waterproofing maintenance costs

Marvell City is a superblock shopping mall in Surabaya, Indonesia. The shopping center consists of 5 floors with well-known retail brands, such as Lotte Mart, CGV, Electronic Solutions, Fun World, J.CO Donuts, Pandora Escape Game, Tous Les Jours and many more. It is known in Surabaya as THE family oriented mall.

Aiming to achieve longevity and budget-conscious maintenance plans, the contractor needed a product which can consistently deliver a lifelong waterproofing result.

As CWS100® seals cracks in the concrete up to 2.2mm, it forms a barrier inside the concrete which waterproofs and protects the concrete for the life of the structure. It remains in the concrete, ready to seal future cracks, ensuring a life-long, leak free result. Self-healing, fast to apply, with incomparable overall performance to traditional waterproofing, CWS100® is the product of choice for concrete waterproofing in demanding projects.

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