Pet Food Factory, Malaysia

Permanently repairing the failing waterproofing of membranes

This pet food production plant in Malaysia, consists of a three – storey office & showroom building, as well as a nine – storey facility, for production and packing, which is attached to a covered warehouse at the side.

The project was already delayed by several months, so speed of application was critical to the factory. Also, the fact that CWS100 does not need a screed for protection, was important to the client and, finally, the impact to the site was minimal, as the lifting of the usual materials at the 9th floor, would require significant overhead costs, needing cranes and pumps to be set up.

CWS100 was chosen because it is easier to apply and cheaper to complete the project in time, as it does not need a protective screed, has super-fast application and offers a significantly lower total cost of installation.