Port of San Martin, Paracas, Peru

Paracas has become a famous tourist destination, for people who want to visit and explore the nearby Ballestas Islands and the intriguing geoglyph at the side of the nearby mountains. The Port of San Martin is the commercial port of Paracas, with increased traffic of heavy vehicles, forklifts, tourist buses and trucks on its wharfs, a tough challenge to concrete.

In addition to waterproofing, CWS100® increases the hardness of concrete to the same level of granite and fills cracks. All vital benefits for the protection of concrete against heavy containers passing through this port.

At the Port of San Martin, CWS100® was chosen to waterproof the concrete wharfs and, at the same time, protect the wharf against water and chloride ingress. A major benefit was the speed of application in large areas, which minimizes the project delivery time. One applicator with a motorized pump can apply as many as 6,000m2 in one single working day.

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