SAAE Sorocaba sewage water plant, Sorocaba, Brazil

Sorocaba’s sewage collection and removal network, with 1,030 kilometers in length, serves 98% of the population and remains in constant expansion, following the city’s growth.

Sorocaba’s first sewage treatment plant, ETE S-1, has the capacity to treat up to 100 million liters of sewage per day, that is, 44% of the total sanitary effluent discharged into the river Sorocaba.

Aiming to waterproof all the new water tanks, ensuring lifetime waterproofing and potential future cracks ealing, in order to protect the beautiful eco-system, SAAE (Serviço Autônomo de Água e Esgoto de Sorocaba), chose CWS100, for:

  • concrete waterproofing and protection
  • successful record from other similar sites
  • speed of application
  • certified environmentally safe material with zero effect on the eco-system

At 6,000m2 of application per day, by a single applicator, the construction time and associated cost is dramatically reduced. The ease of application minimizes human error and there is no need for future maintenance, as is the case with traditional methods.