San Fernando General Hospital Carpark, Trinidad


The Architect selected CWS100 waterproofing technology for the 1672m2 carpark of the San Fernando General Hospital in Trinidad, to waterproof the structure as well as to protect it from attack of sodium hydroxide and other chemicals, as a result of the structure’s proximity to the sea and the intense saline environment..

CWS100 was chosen, for the permanent repair of the hospital’s carpark.

CWS100 is ideal for car parks, as it simultaneously waterproofs and protects the concrete against abrasion and wear from heavy rolling loads, hardening the concrete to Grade 9 of the Mohs scale, which is higher than granite hardness.

CWS100 seals static cracks on concrete, up to 2.2mm and can even seal future hairline cracks, as long as there is free calcium in the concrete matrix.