Shell Corp. Blending Plant, Karachi, Pakistan

The rooftop of the Lubrication oil Blending Plant was badly leaking, after repeated failure of traditional membranes previously applied.

In the scope of this project, it was observed that the roof deck had been layered with membranes and screed, both of which had experienced failure. This compromised state allowed water ingress into the warehouse areas below. Given the significant damage to the underlying substrate, it became evident that a comprehensive solution was required. Thus, all materials were meticulously removed down to the deck substrate to assess the extent of the damage incurred by the underlying rooftop slab.

Although Shell sells Flintkote, their own membranes, they chose to install CWS100 on their plant rooftop.

CWS100 was applied, to seal existing static cracks up to 2.2mm and to waterproof the entire rooftop area. Spraying the product on the curved surface of the rooftop was a much easier and faster process than re-applying membranes, which would eventually fail again in future.

CWS100 needs no re-application in future.