Swimming Pool Uusikaupunki, Finland

CWS Admix® has been used in the castings of the swimming pools of Wintteri campus in Finland and it was chosen because it provides easy-to-use waterproofing, which also extends the service life of the structure.

CWS Admix ® is excellent for structures that are subject to water pressure, such as swimming pools or water tanks. It forms insoluble crystals in the capillary pores of the concrete, creating a permanent, waterproof structure for the entire life cycle. CWS Admix ® has an unlimited shelf life and is dosed directly into the concrete mass (0.8 kg/m3), thus saving on waterproofing costs by avoiding separate work steps.

CWS Admix ® is listed in the building product database of the Nordic environmental label and can be used in Swan-labelled buildings.