PT. Bintang Sewu Sejahterah, the contractor of luxurious BnB Jakarta Kelapa Gading Hotel, needed to ensure that there would be no leakage of water into the basement, because of elevated water horizon. CWS Admix™ was the waterproofing product of choice for the contractor. Simplicity, speed of application and protection of deadlines.

In addition to waterproofing, CWS Admix™ reduces the permeability of concrete, as well as shrinkage cracking. CWS Admix™ saves enormous amounts of time and labor, because it is simply added to the concrete during the pour and therefore is valuable when waterproofing demanding projects. Zero delays on waterproofing stage, no deadlines missed, lifetime waterproofing with no future maintenance. The choice of preference for sophisticated basement waterproofing, for connoisseur contractors.