The Omnia, Bali, Indonesia

Safely waterproofing a most luxurious resort

Alila Group, one of the world’s most up-market resort operators, have opened their latest luxury project. The Omnia Bali is probably the trendiest resort in Asia and shows how CWS can provide the benefits of a comprehensive system approach to waterproofing. Being a world class luxury resort, the applicator had to look for a product that would guarantee turnkey results, minimize human error in application and offer long-term protection from saline corrosion .

All CWS products were used in the project. CWS100® was used above ground on the rooftops, podiums, and swimming pool, protecting concrete from salt spray and consequent chloride ingress. CWS Admix™ was used for the groundwater tanks.

Both products are certified to be non-toxic, thus suitable for the use of potable water. CWS is a proud member of the United States Green Building Council and extremely sensitive to the protection of the environment.

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