Water Mirror, Curitiba, brazil

Espelho D’ Água: Mirror of Water

This is what the people in Brazil call small artificial lakes. Called Espelho D’ Água, which means “Water Mirror”, this artificial lake project, is a small jewel outside the Headquarters of OVD Group, in Curitiba, Brazil.

Usually projects require a combination of products, rather than one single product and that is why the CWS coordinated system-approach was used for this job too, to achieve a leak-free artificial lake project. Simplicity, ease of use, speed of execution and above all long-term performance are key parameters for project success. OVD, the renowned Brazilian distributors, trusted CWS wateproofing technology for its life-long performance, top-class construction and appearance that relates to their distinguished status.

CWS Admix™ was used on concrete and pour joints were treated with CWS Waterstop.