When traditional membranes fail repeatedly

Traditional membranes have no crack sealing ability. If the concrete beneath the membrane cracks to any significant degree, the membrane will split, tear away from the surface and leak permanently. The present project had been repaired twice, once with traditional membranes and once with elastomer waterproofing. It still leaked when our Authorised Applicator got there! CWS100 was properly applied, ensuring lifetime waterproofing. Do it once. Enjoy forever!

CWS100® fixes faults in the concrete, rather than hide them. With its excellent crack sealing ability, it seals static cracks up to 2.2 mm.

Very often clients and waterproofers are frustrated, with leaks originating from the inevitable failure of membranes, or brushed waterproofing, that went wrong. When membranes fail, they cause big problems, that take time and money to repair properly.The structure is leaking water and they are obliged to do the waterproofing all over again. Break the screed, remove the debris, remove the membranes, dispose them responsibly. Then install a new membrane. Plus a new screed. And pay for all this. Again!

CWS is committed to ensuring lifetime concrete waterproofing, with super-fast application, always caring for the generations to come, since all our products are certified non-toxic and safe for use with drinking water.