There are lots of waterproofing products in the market. So why should you choose CWS?

We believe in a few simple philosophies:

  1. A complete waterproofing system

    Many projects require not just one product but a combination of products, so we offer a complete system approach to waterproofing.

  2. Waterproofing should last for the life of the structure

    Our unique system approach uses a combination of the most advanced technologies available in the world to achieve lifetime waterproofing.

    Not just products. A waterproofing system.

  3. A leak-free project – every time

    We are not just offering you a service, we are giving you a long-lasting result: a leak-free project.

  4. Environmentally Friendly

    Our products allow us to not only deliver lifetime waterproofing, but we do it with products that are the most environmentally friendly in the world. Because our products are so environmentally friendly we have been granted admission to the prestigious US Green Building Council (USGBC). The USGBC is responsible for the LEED program and thus using CWS products will earn LEED points for suitable projects.

So what’s the benefit for you?

Whether you are an owner/developer of a site, consult others or are the main contractor on a project, our complete concrete waterproofing system will deliver you more than just a quality result.

  • Owner/Developer
    • Once only application that waterproofs for 100 years +
    • Environmentally friendly – earn LEED points
    • No leakage = happy tenants. No loss of rent and liability claims
    • No future maintenance costs
    • No expensive re-application in the future
    • Economical
    • Super-fast application speeds construction and saves money
  • Consultant
    • Proven technology
    • Design flexibility
    • Maximises site area by allowing building to the edge of the site – no need to leave space to apply membranes
    • Saves money, keeping the project on budget
    • Earn LEED points
    • Allows omission of screed
    • Waterproofs for life of the structure
    • Simple, fast application
    • Worldwide technical support
    • Speeds project times
  • Contractor
    • Our products are VERY Contractor-friendly
    • Economical
    • Trafficable six hours after application
    • Podium can immediately be used as a work area
    • Cannot be damaged by other trades
    • No screeds required, saving time and money
    • No tracking of water under a punctured membrane with difficult fault-finding
    • No de-bonding issues to rectify as occurs with many membranes
    • Super-fast application speeds construction and avoids liquidated damages claims, saving money.

We value your business. And we work hard to earn it, again and again…
Because we deliver on our promises. Every time.